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Newborn/Maternal Express Packs

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Newborn Express Packs

Upon notification of a newly diagnosed PKU infant by either a health care professional or parent, Children's PKU Network will send the parents an express pack free of charge; this package contains valuable information to help the family get adjusted. The pack contains an informative video describing PKU and itís treatment that can be shared with family members and friends as an introduction to understanding this disorder. Additionally, there are several booklets relating to PKU as well as coupons and resource information for treatment.

If you would like an express pack, simply email us with the Subject heading: "Newborn Express Pack" and provide us with the parents name, infants name, street mailing address, city, state and zip code and one will be sent to you.


Maternal Express Packs

Maintaining and/or returning to diet is especially important for young women with PKU who want to become pregnant. Women with PKU who have high levels of phenylalanine in their blood have a greater probability of harming their unborn baby. Studies have shown that returning women to diet before conception and keeping blood phe levels below 6mg/dl results in the best outcome for the baby. Most babies born to mothers with PKU are developing normally because of early and strict diet treatment.

The maternal express pack is designed to assist these women return to or maintain diet with some valuable booklets and information relating to maternal PKU. If you are a maternal PKU woman and would like one of our maternal express packs, simply email us with the Subject heading: "Maternal Express Pack".

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